Interested in helping promote our campaign? Feel free to donate to our purpose and help promote by placing a sign in your yard or around your house and by also sharing this page. Helping a neighbor promote our purpose only helps us grow as a team.


I plan to only accept a small number of donations to help get a few items made in order to spread the word about our campaign. I do not see any reason to raise  50-60,000$ for a small local campaign like most of the council has done in years past while programs that help our youth and community can barely keep their doors open. School programs like P.E. are also being cut in order to save money. Your support in spreading the word to your friends is much more valuable to me than any amount of money.


Would you like to help make our cities future a better place? Your contribution will help us see that our goals are met by pledging a donation now.

About Me


Hello, my name is Brian Seghers and I am introducing myself to you as a candidate for the Redlands City Council. I am a local business owner and philanthropist. I am also an advocate for the preservation of our town’s proud history, and desire to see the city use that heritage to move us forward. I believe that the best way to create change is to speak up and confront problems. My background gives me a unique perspective on many of the issues our community faces. As a member of the City Council, my goal will be to unify the community, continue to create environments where citizens and businesses thrive, and set a model that cities through San Bernardino County will work to emulate. ..... READ MORE



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