About Me



My name is Brian Seghers and I am 39 years old. I am married to an amazing woman, Kimberly, and we have three children (Lukas, Tinley, and Heily). Growing up in East Las Vegas, with a single mother, I lacked the stability in my household that can produce good habits. As a result, my bad behavior as a juvenile escalated to the point that I was arrested and spent four years in prison. This reforming time in my life was critical to my development. It renewed my interest in athletics, helped me to understand the importance of your reputation, and gave me an outlook on life and second chances that holds with me to this day.

Once on the outside, I struggled to find work in Las Vegas. The idea of becoming a tattoo artist interested me, and I was finally able to find an apprenticeship at a local shop. I learned the basics and from there continued to grow in my craft, establishing myself in the traditions of this trade. I have always taken pride in my work, from creating my own ink to building my own tattoo machines. I believe that putting my heart into everything I do, and building a reputation based on hard work and respect, are paramount to any financial gain.

My connections and development as a tattoo artist is what led me to Redlands a few years later. Immediately, I knew that this was a unique city. It was beautiful, family-oriented, and unlike any other place I had lived before. Although my work led me to several other shops in Upland, and later Encinitas, Redlands continued to be an important place to me. During this time, I continued to develop both professionally and personally. I re-established my commitment to health and wellness through Crossfit, and later through participating in triathlons, including Ironman races, as well as marathons. I also met my wife Kimberly. Kimberly came from a family with a strong Redlands tradition, and their heritage inspired me. Her grandfather, Bob Wells, built the house her parents lived in on Bellevue with his own hands 60 years ago. Her parents, Craig and Nancy Crampton, had each of their children at Redlands Community Hospital, where Nancy herself was born. Everyone went to Smiley Elementary, and then Cope Middle School, eventually graduating from Redlands High School. With our own family growing, I knew that to solidify our place in this community, and to continue the traditions of Kimberly’s family, establishing a tattoo shop in Redlands was crucial.

It was challenging to find a location, with the stigma surrounding my business. But I knew my philosophy and what I wanted to create with my shop was different, and would enhance the community rather than take away from it.

We finally secured a location on West State, in a property owned by the same family since the early 1900s. Since beginning my business, Rendition, I have worked hard to establish and maintain the trust of our landlord, as well as build camaraderie with the other tenants. We have built a strong community on West State; one that I feel is truly unrivaled among other business areas in the city. We have established strong relationships among fellow business owners, as well as with the Redlands Police Department. We rely on one another, and we are trying to spread that spirit of solidarity throughout the entire business community in Redlands. I have also been fortunate enough to purchase another well-established tattoo shop in Encinitas called 454 Tattoo. This shop has been around for 30 years and is a staple in the community, with multiple generations of families being tattooed in the same spot. I have seen, and helped, that business thrive. I would love to incorporate some of the practices of that local business into our business community here in Redlands.

Since we first established Rendition, giving back to the community has been a priority. One of the first outreaches we created was a Toy Drive during the holiday season. Clients bring in new toys to donate, and get a tattoo. This past December was our 5th Annual Toy Drive. We have done over 200 tattoos and stayed open for over 20 hours to complete the tattoos. This has become a family event, and we encourage kids to join their parents and see the community come together and give. The toys, as well as any clothing or blankets that are donated, are given to the Blessing Center, and we have now donated to over 300 local families in need.

My relationship with The Blessing Center has opened many other avenues for creating connections and giving back. Our Toy Drive has connected many people in the business community, an experience which I don’t think had happened much before. I started becoming involved in speaking to students in schools, sharing the story of my childhood and encouraging them to choose a better path. When The Blessing Center closed, I became involved with Rudy Lozano, who coordinates the annual Christmas Block Party on the North Side of Redlands, along with other toy distributions in this party of the city. Additionally, my connections with Redlands PD also led to my involvement with Blue Collar Athletics, four officers who give back to the community through sports. Every penny raised for this organization goes directly back to the community, with no administration fees or any other kind of filtration of funds. Since I have worked with Blue Collar Athletics, we have established after-school workout programs at Orangewood and purchased desperately needed items such as jerseys, shoes, and other sporting goods. This relationship has led to other opportunities to serve Orangewood and its students. I currently serve on the Student Site Council at Orangewood, where my childhood experiences allow me to share unique insights and recommendations. I also strive to promote positive relationships between the students and Redlands PD officers, which improves community ties and helps make our city safer.

So, why do I think I can be an asset to our city as a member of the City Council? 

First, I have a unique perspective. My goal is to provide different insights and ideas, and to get the council to consider “out of the box” solutions. I am about as diverse as you can possibly get when it comes to my activities and relationships, which allows me to relate to a wide range of people in our community. In previous conversations with the mayor regarding concerns of business owners, he has stated that although he agrees with our concerns, he cannot speak to them or he will risk showing a divide in the City Council. My perspective is that there is no need for the Council to agree on everything! This is why there are five members! A diversity of opinion leads to discussion, debate, and the development of new ideas.

Second, I believe in honesty and accountability. In my personal and professional life, I do what is right and speak plainly. I speak openly about my past as a young person, to show that I am transparent, and have nothing to hide. I will never throw out verbal pacifiers just to protect my “image” or get the community off my back. I will always be accountable for my actions, and never run from them.

Third, I am action-oriented. There are many issues facing our city that we hear our leaders talk about, but do not see much action. For example, there has been a lot of recent discussion about the homeless problem, but little talk about solutions. What are we doing for our young, at-risk children who may become homeless in the future, and add to this problem? We as business owners also hear about development projects such as the Redlands Mall, the skatepark, and a new safety hall. But none of these projects are finalized, including their financing. I do not believe in kicking the can down the road when it comes to these issues and projects. I want to set a new precedent for what is expected and what can be achieved by our future council.

Fourth, and finally, I am focused on the health of our business community and believe that this is critical to the success of our city. I have built strong relationships with local business owners, so I understand their needs and concerns. I understand the priorities of our city to preserve its history and “small town” feel, but we also need to use this to our advantage as we move forward. We do this by supporting our local businesses. For example, we should be giving a first right of refusal to our local businesses when a new development is coming to town, rather than cater to more big box stores. We should also be better promoting one of our largest city events, the Redlands Classic. We do draw many people in, but I believe we could do more to promote the Classic in our neighboring cities. This would show locals in nearby communities all that Redlands has to offer, and encourage them to return to support our small businesses.

In my life, I have been fortunate enough to live through unfortunate experiences. These difficult lessons have taught me the importance of giving back to the community, and I will continue to do so whether I am elected or not. There may be those who spend their campaign saying what sounds right in order to get elected, but I am interested in allowing the community to get to know who I really am. I want to answer your questions, share my ideas, and show you the way I live my life and run my business. And, if elected, I will work every day to unify the community, continue to create environments where citizens and businesses thrive, and set a model that cities through San Bernardino County will work to emulate.

Thank you!



Blue Collar Athletics 

Redlands Charitable Resource Coalition

The Blessing Center


Youth Hope

Our House

Angel’s Closet

Cadens Center

Elks Lodge

Redlands Chamber of Commerce

Orangewood Student Site Council

Events that I organize or volunteer for:

Toy Drive

“We are Redlands”: Established the “We are Redlands” card which we sold as way to promote shopping at local businesses and also raise money for the community.

Back to school backpack giveaway

Various food, clothing, shoe, and blanket drives

Helped out Caden Henderson with his Teddy Bear drive for patients at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital

Special Education prom at Redlands East Valley High School

Redlands Classic

Redlands Skatepark

Redlands Baseball for Youth


Distinguished Citizenship Award from the Redlands Elks Lodge (2018)

Unforgettable Heart Award (2018)