"In the ten years we have known Brian Seghers, we are constantly amazed at his incredible work ethic, drive, heartfelt passion and his progressive vision for our community.  Brian has a special interest both personally and professionally in his community being a small business owner, and that has given him the ability to understand its conflicts and the ability to think outside the box.  He has a demanding schedule.  He is a business owner in two cities,  husband, father of three and a competitive athlete.  If these aren't enough to fill the average persons day,  he now desires to be on the Redlands city counsel.  Not being a politician, he offers a fresh outlook at our community needs and the logic with a businessman's perspective.  He contributes tremendously and tirelessly to the City's youth and outreach programs, even holding his own toy and food drive every Christmas at his business.  We are very fortunate to have him wanting to represesent us all on our city council.  Mature, smart and committed, wanting to put the needs of our community first, we can't think of a better canidate. We welcome his honesty, transparency and bright outlook on what our community wants and needs."

- Craig and Nancy Crampton

"Brian Seghers has been a friend for nearly 10 years.  I have watched him establish his small business in Redlands while getting married, having children and consistently giving back to the Redlands community.  Brian has a strong investing interest in both the people and children of Redlands and the business community.  His personality is extremely driven with a hard work ethic while being very generous to work for free to help those around him.  Prime examples include the Las Vegas bike ride fundraiser and Tattoo Marathon Toy Drive for the benefit of kids and schools.  Brain Seghers is the right person for the Redlands City Council.  A newer generation, modern society leader who breaks the status quo and represents the unspoken."

- Todd C. Rau, MD

"I have never ever met a more diversified individual like Brian Seghers. His exposures in his early life to difficult situations and his bad choices have in fact made him to be where and why he is now. 

Having given so much of his time and talents and monies for the direct benefit of our youth in our community speaks volumes of his potential to enhance our city of all its citizens and businesses. His toy drives throughout the year especially during Christmas has demonstrated his willingness to reach out to ALL parts of town. His sustained efforts with many people and businesses in so many ways has given Brian a first hand view of what is needed for Redlands. 

Having read his bio and what he has survived through persistence convinces me that he is not someone who quits. In fact it has made him stronger and more determined. The huge variety of activities and events attended by Brian further ignites his diversity.

Simply put yes Brian is different and colorful because he merely reflects that he has turned his life around and simply wants to share his goals for this city. He is exactly what we need to represent ALL citizens and businesses. I say lets give him a chance."

- Rudy Lozano

"I had the good fortune to have met Mr. Brian Seghers as a customer at Rendition Tattoo here in Redlands over 4 years ago. Since that time I have had the honor and privilege to count him as a good friend and fellow laborer in our wonderful city.

Brian immediately impressed me with his genuine concern for the overall well-being of the citizens of our city, his knowledge of current issues affecting our city and his resolve to contribute his time, energy and resources to not just making Redlands an even better community now, but more importantly, as a father himself, for his children and children's children.

Brian is a man who has been committed to improving the social health, well-being and quality of life for all residents of our beautiful city by his tireless efforts at bringing the downtown business community together, working closely with civic leaders and through his association with members of the city of Redlands police department.

Brian understands the plight of the disadvantaged and has personally donated countless hours and thousands of dollars to improving the lives of families and children in need in Redlands through his personal philanthropy, fund raising activities and membership in many volunteer service groups, councils and committees.

Brian possesses keen vision, wisdom and insights beyond his years which will serve our city well in the years to come. He has been a great asset to our community, and, should he be elected as a councilperson, will continue to give his all and his very best to bettering our unique and special city.

I can wholeheartedly endorse and support my good friend Brian Seghers as a candidate for councilman the city of Redlands."

Respectfully submitted,

- Dr. Craig Turley 


Nvccf. Inc. (Redlands, Ca.)

"Brian and I have been friends and business neighbors in the downtown Redlands business district for several years. Brian has a common-sense approach to solving issues we face as small business owners, and the drive to pursue change. I believe he will represent the people in his district, and all of Redlands, honorably. I have confidence in Brian’s fresh outlook, desire to help and love for Redlands. He has my support!"

- Sara Hector

"I have come to know Brian Seghers as fellow business owners in the City of Redlands.  It is my esteemed pleasure to be writing you this letter to not only recognize Brian for his proven commitment to this great city but also to endorse him for the position of Redlands City Council.  

I am a 15 year resident of Redlands, an alumnus of the University of Redlands, a Redlands business owner and I look forward to raising my family in Redlands.  This city is unquestionably important to me and I can sincerely say that it is without reservation that I recommend Brian Seghers for the office of City Council.  

Brian has been a role model to me in his relentless efforts to add value to this city.  He is heavily involved in community outreach events, fundraisers, committee meetings and local business networking.  Brian consistently shows strong common sense and integrity in all of his communal dealings.  He is always trying to find ways to objectively bring people together and help out especially in relation to local business owners.  I know him to be of great character and his genuine positivity has been an example to me and many others.  

I highly recommend Brian Seghers for Redlands City Council and know that his sincere love and enthusiasm for this community along with his ambition and practicality will be a valuable asset for years to come. "

- Eric Mee DDS